Tania Marie Caringi - #7 in "MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016"

Tania Marie Caringi

Success as a model
and success as a

Editor: Dominique Beaumont
Photography: Scott Spellman
Processing and Design: MODE Studio
Hair & Makeup: Elia Liz

Tania Marie Caringi is No. “7”

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Tania Marie Caringi - #7 in "MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016"
Tania Marie Caringi – #7 in “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016”


Italian-American Tania Marie Caringi is a stunning 5’11” model that has been in “Mode’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women” list three years in a row. In 2014 she topped it at #1, in 2015 #27, and she is back in the top-10 at #7 for 2016! Tania is very proud of her Italian heritage and travels to Italy on a regular basis. Her father was born in Sora, Italy, her mother was born in Newark New Jersey and, as well as being a fashion model, Tania is also a successful real estate investor.

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MODE: With all the traveling you do it can’t be easy to keep your figure. How do you do it?
Tania: No matter where I am I try to eat healthily. At least I choose the healthiest options available. I also work out on the regular so that definitely helps. Planning is the key.


MODE: What is your favorite place to visit for a vacation?
Tania: That’s an easy one. I Loveeeeee going to Italy to visit my family. We have a very close relationship and I always feel refreshed after I have spent some time with them.


MODE: Will you share your standard daily beauty routines?
Tania: I try to keep thinks simple on normal days with light makeup, maybe hair in a ponytail. But on shoot days or events I go all out with lashes, full makeup and curled hair.


MODE: So you are quiet careful with how you eat. If you have to have a cheat meal what would it be?
Tania: I do follow a fairly strict diet leading up to events or shoots. My cheat meal would be cake and lots of frosting.


MODE: What plans do you have for your career for 2017 and beyond?
Tania: I plan on doing more editorial shoots and particularly doing more abroad because I want to visit more places around the globe.


MODE: You have enjoyed success in several areas of your life. What tips can you give our readers to achieve more success in their lives?
Tania: Follow the things that make your heart happy. Life is short so never go a day without doing something you love.


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