Tala Golzar - World's 100 Most Beautiful 2016 (2020 Collector's Edition) - Feature

Tala Golzar Is On the Cover of the Multi-Cover 2020 Collector’s Edition Update of “MODE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE WORLD’S 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 2016” Edition

Editor: Jianna Ferrari
Photographer: Arthur St. John
Hair Stylist: Valentino X
Wardrobe: Stello


(Available on Amazon: 2020 Collector’s Edition)

Tala Golzar Cover - 2020 Collector's Edition: MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016

Fashion model and TV host Tala Golzar owes at least some of unique looks and beauty to a mixed parental heritage of a Russian mother and an Iranian father. Tala has not rested on her beauty alone and was an honor student throughout her years as a student. At seventeen she migrated to Orange County, California in the US where she pursued her education in graphic design at Saddle Back College. Later she moved to Los Angeles and continued to build her modeling career and has not looked back. Tala is listed in MODE’s 100 Most beautiful list 2016 and is on the cover of the multi-cover 2020 Collector’s edition of that issue


Read the full article and interview with Tala Golzar and many of the other celebrities in the 100 Most Beautiful 2016 list in the 2020 Collector’s edition available to MODE subscribers or at various outlets worldwide.

*See the Full 100 Most Beautiful List for 2016: <MODE’s 2016 Full List>

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