"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P34

Wishing You Here

Heidi Ellestad Wears Sadoni Couture

Photographer: Kine Frostman Lien / www.frostfoto.no
Stylist: Hair & Makeup: Sandra Pedersen
Model: Heide Ellestad
Designers: Hamid and Trude Sadoni of Sadoni Couture
Location: Mardalen – Norway (Marindalen’s Old Church)

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"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P34
"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P35 - $906
"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P36
"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P37 - Sadoni Couture $1842
"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P38 - $1842
"Wishing You Here" -MODE-May-June-2010-P39 - $3090


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