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Reena Kang – Building Homes

North Miami Beach Student On Quest to Build Homes for Haitian Families in Need

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Ten years old North Miami Beach student Reena kang has set her mind on a goal that is very different to what children her age normally think about. Young Reena came up with the idea to do something for a community of Haitians in Dominican Republic after she travelled there with her family and spent Christmas in 2021 working with the Haitian refugees. Reena’s father, Master Sang, is the founder of Master Sang’s TNT Academy, a very popular Miami based martial arts school that has trained thousands of students over the years across its multiple locations. Apart from providing special programs for children, Master Sang has trained many Hollywood celebrities and has appeared in movies including fighting alongside Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour feature films. Master Sang uses the success he’s gained to provide charitable services to children in schools in Miami as well as internationally.

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Reena Kang with Haitian Refugee Children in Dominican Republic
Reena Kang with Haitian Refugee Children in Dominican Republic

For Christmas 2021, Master Sang decided to take his family to Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic, to provide his services to the children of a Haitian refugee camp. He said, “One of the best gifts we can give ourselves and society is to share our time and extend ourselves to those less fortunate than we are. That is why I decided to travel with my family this season to Dominican Republic to train and mentor a group of underprivileged but inspiring Haitian children of a community of over 10,000 people that literally live by a huge dump site. These people live on the margins of society and lack basic resources that we take for granted back in the US.”


Master Sang travelled to the refugee camp with his wife, his son and two daughters including Reena. They worked with Mr. Peter Chung, Founder, Director, and CEO at Fundación Baby to Mom. Reena was very moved when she saw the poor living conditions of these families with children that were just like her but without the comforts she enjoyed back home in the US. After just three days, Reena decided to talk with Mr. Peter Chung and came up with the idea to build a home for one family. She was very excited and was now on a mission!


Master Sang at Mr. Peter Chung's "Fundación Baby to Mom"
Master Sang at Mr. Peter Chung's “Fundación Baby to Mom”


When Reena returned to Miami, she began to formulate a plan on how she would begin to raise the money she needed to start building the home. Her family had scheduled a trip to South Korea, so Reena bought lots of items over there that she could use to make jewellery. When she returned to Miami this time she set to work and spent all her free time after school creating beautiful jewellery that she would then sell to her friends. Her jewellery creations were so popular that she managed to make $1,000, all of which she has set aside for her charitable home building project. With this success under her belt, she decided to up the game and create a GoFundme page to add to the money she has created from selling jewellery so as to raise the $5,000 needed to build the first home. “I can’t wait to see the happy faces of the family in DR when their home is completed and they move into it,” said Reena. Now that she has started successfully raising money for the first home, Reena has decided that the next step would be to expand her work and get her friends together so that she can build homes for 100 needy families. With the energy and focus this young girl has, even at the age of just 10 years old, we would not be surprised if she overachieves in her new goals. We are surely rooting for her success.



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