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Gigi Gustin - Winning "American Grit"

Gigi Gustin
Winning “American Grit”

(May-June 2018 Multi-Cover Edition Mode Lifestyle Magazine)

Editor: Dominique Beaumont
Photography (P 32-37): Top Notch Era ( )
Photography (P 30-31): Bobby Crane ( )
Design: MODE Studio

Gigi Gustin on the Cover!

MODE Cover Gigi Gustin -May-June 2018
MODE Cover Gigi Gustin -May-June 2018
Gigi Gustin was the youngest competitor and winner of season 2 of the FOX show American Grit. She survived 16 other competitors, walked away with the $250,000 prize, and headed to Los Angeles to start a new life. Gigi seems to have been made for modeling and TV. She started as a child model in Chuck EE Cheese commercials and has always felt she would end up in the industry.
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Gigi Gustin - MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 30-31
Gigi Gustin – MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 30-31

At age 18 she decided to get back into modeling and has since done runway, promo and print. Recent projects after winning American Grit include two horror movies due to be released in 2018. We met up with Gigi to find out how her life has changed since winning American Grit.

Gigi Gustin - MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 32-33
Gigi Gustin – MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 32-33

MODE: Which is your favorite: Runway modeling, editorial photo shoots, or acting, and why?
Gigi: Acting is my favorite! Although, I think acting and modeling go hand in hand.

MODE: What are your beauty routines when preparing yourself for a photo shoot?
Gigi: The night before a photo shoot, I always do a face mask! I suffer with dark circles under eye and the hydrating facial masks really helps me look awake for even the earliest of call times.

Gigi Gustin - MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 34-35
Gigi Gustin – MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 34-35

MODE: How has your life changed after winning season 2 of the reality show American Grit?
Gigi: My life changed drastically after winning American Grit. I left the show with a new view of myself, and of life. I used my winnings to move to Los Angeles and find my independence.

MODE: The show required a lot of physical activity. Have you maintained a regular exercise routine since leaving the show and what do you do?
Gigi: I work out often. I focus mainly on my abbs, legs, and glutes. Working out is a great stress reliever for me as well.

MODE: What sort of diet do you follow that keeps you in such great shape?
Gigi: I have quite a sweet tooth, so ice cream is a must! However, I drink a lot of green tea, and lemon water to help my body digest.

Gigi Gustin - MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 36-37
Gigi Gustin – MODE May-June 2018, Spread Pages 36-37

MODE: How do you balance personal relationships and career? Anyone special in your life at the moment?
Gigi: Although it can be hard maintaining a relationship in all the craziness of Hollywood, I have found so much happiness in my boyfriend! We both have jobs that require traveling a lot, and being away from each other often – Trust is key!

MODE: What are your career plans for the near future?
Gigi: In the near future, you should be seeing me regularly on TV again! Only this time, a reality show is not the plan.

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