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Taking On New Roles In
Acting – TV – Fashion

Mode Lifestyle Magazine – “Life, Hopes and Dreams Issue 2020”


Editor: Sarah Curtis
Photography: Jesus Marcano (@marcophotoshoot)
Model: Athina Klioumi (@athinamarturet)
Wardrobe Stylist: Anastasio Giannoutsos & Team
Makeup Artist: Mariela Bagnato (@Marielabagnato)
Hair Stylist: Enrique Guzman & Jhoan Benlolo from Armandeus Hairstyling (@armandeusbrickell)
Fashion Designer: Designs by Anastasio Giannoutsos (@anastasiogiannoutsos)
Design: MODE Studio

(Available on Amazon: Life, Hopes and Dreams Issue: Collectors Edition)

Athina Klioumi Cover - Life, Hope and Dreams Issue - Mode Lifestyle Magazine
Athina Klioumi Cover – Life, Hope and Dreams Issue – Mode Lifestyle Magazine

Music, Fashion and Art are intrinsically linked forms or artistic expression and there is probably no couple in Miami that embodies the combination of these forms of expression more than Miami Symphony Orchestra conductor Eduardo Marturet and his wife and muse actress and model Athina Klioumi Marturet. Together they have infused their own special brand of excitement and energy into the Miami classical music and high fashion and art scene that is currently experiencing a renaissance.

Readers of Mode Lifestyle Magazine will already be familiar with Athina because she has previously graced the MODE cover and her presence has been noted and covered at various fashion and lifestyle events including Miami Fashion Week. Apart from her role as ambassador of Miami Symphony orchestra, Athina has enjoyed a successful career as a model and has recently landed an acting role in season 7 of the very popular Lord of the Skies TV show (El señor de los Cielos) now showing on Netflix. This action drama won an international Emmy in 2014 for Best Non-English Language U.S. Primetime Program and continues to be an audience favorite in the following seasons.

In this MODE cover feature Athina wanted to be dressed in a style that is both elegant and yet energetic, and which expresses the vitality of the Miami lifestyle and culture. This was a perfect fit for fashion designer Anastasio Giannoutsos, the Miami based designer who is a Venezuelan born Greek. Anastasio comes from a line of fashion business owners and, after studying architecture in Greece, decided to pursue his calling in fashion. “You can see that Miami architecture is his inspiration and I love his fresh unique designs and his way of creating beauty out of everything he sees around him,” said Athina. Athina continued, “I love the jumpsuits and when I put them on it feels like I’m expressing my warrior side. A glamorous harness, so chic and unique. With Anastasio there is always design, class and a sense of freshness in his creations.”

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MODE: Athina we are so happy to have you grace the cover of Mode Lifestyle Magazine once again and we are sure our readers will equally excited to see you in the amazing creations of Miami based fashion designer Anastasio Giannoutsos. What did you find most unique about the wonderful designs during the editorial photo shoot?

Athina: When I saw this beautiful cover I said, ” oh my goodness what a great picture and how you guys manage to put us artists always in the best ways. I really had so much fun shooting for this edition that I was almost worried with excitement for the outcome…hahaha. I really enjoyed the photoshoot and all the intimate team. I worked with Anastasio Giannoutsos on several occasions in the past, for example in my fashion market called “AthinaDivina” at the beautiful Miami Design District in Miami where we had several designers showing, and with him being the leader it was there I fell in love with his creations: So Miami and yet universal.

Since the Fashion Market I have started to wear many of his amazing designs. For this photoshoot we wanted to create something unique and very me. Being an international of Greek descent born in Germany, also quite Latina, and who lived all over, I very much adore ideas based on ancient dressing and loved the harness he created and the jumpsuits. So we envisioned for this edition some of these things but wanted to take it to the next level. I had not seen the finished designs until the day of the shoot and was impressed when I saw his proposal. I loved them. Also I always wanted to work with photographer Jesus Marcano. Together with make up artist Mariela Bagnato and editor in chief Alexander Michaels we had an amazing photoshoot. Chatting with Alexander Michaels makes you laugh all day and the week after, he is such a special spirit and working together with him is always a wonderful outcome.


Athina-Klioumi - Taking on New Roles in Acting - TV - Fashion - MODE Page 26-28
Athina-Klioumi – Taking on New Roles in Acting – TV – Fashion – MODE Page 26-28

MODE: We know that fashion, modelling and acting have been an integral part of your life for a long time but you seem to have taken things to an even more exciting level with your new regular role in the TV show “Lord of the Skies” which is now on Netflix. How did your involvement in this show come about?

Athina: I always watched it and loved this so popular action TV series, one of the most famous Spanish speaking series ever shot, next to ¨La Reina Del Sur” with 500 episodes. When president of Telemundo International Studios and producer of the series, Marcos Santana, called me to let me know that they had decided to offer me an important surprise role in season 7 I was overwhelmed, more so when I learned that apart from filming for four months in Mexico, we would film in Greece (Mykonos, Athens) as well. Telemundo International Studios NBC was envisioning to expand the saga to other countries and give it even more of a real touch. To be part of this incredible cast and doing action stuff such as kick boxing, martial arts, dancing altogether, speaking Greek, English & some French as well, was the definition of a dream come true. Yes, now many friends & fans can watch it on Netflix USA.


Athina Klioumi - Taking on New Roles in Acting - TV - Fashion - MODE Page 28-29
Athina Klioumi – Taking on New Roles in Acting – TV – Fashion – MODE Page 28-29

MODE: In the new TV show you play the role of Greek born CIA agent “Athina” and take part in an international action fueled adventure. What preparations did you have to make in order to tackle this role?

Athina: The producer Marcos Santana and writer & creator Luis Zelkovics from Telemundo International Studios/NBC decided to leave my real name Athina, believing it was perfect for the role. Athina is Greek and an ex CIA agent who studied in Europe where she met the main cast actor Amado Leal, brother of Aurelio Casillas, played by Matias Novoa. Amado himself being an ex CIA agent as well finds himself taking over the drug business of his powerful brother and on who’s life the series was based. Aurelio Casillas is the big boss of the cartel de Juarez but now is in a coma so Amado takes over. So to play this role of “Athina” in this environment I really worked hard with trainer Derek Dozouglu from Martial arts school RD Camma and stunt Juan Bofill in Miami and then the great stunts in Mexico & Greece. Martial arts, shooting, kick boxing and Greek dancing was my day to day for months and I loved it.


Athina Klioumi - Taking on New Roles in Acting - TV - Fashion - MODE Page 30-31
Athina Klioumi – Taking on New Roles in Acting – TV – Fashion – MODE Page 30-31

MODE: How has your playing “Athina” in this new TV series affected your life and already busy schedules? Has it opened additional avenues of opportunity in acting that you might explore in the future

Athina: Absolutely. I think with this one I nailed it and it brought me not only more popularity, it also transformed me as an actress with a new voice now and also it is quite funny when people call you by your real name.


Athina Klioumi - Taking on New Roles in Acting - TV - Fashion - MODE Page 32-33
Athina Klioumi – Taking on New Roles in Acting – TV – Fashion – MODE Page 32-33

MODE: The world has changed dramatically over the past few months with travel restrictions and lockdowns across most major cities. What steps have you taken to keep yourself safe during this coronavirus pandemic?

Athina: Yes, our world is different now and to have super productions such as Lord of skies 7, where a crew of 50 went to film in Greece, will be difficult to repeat for now. We will see significant changes. As president Marcos Santana of Telemundo International Studios/NBC explained to me, there will be strict rules and instruction about working on a set, limit of people, camera guys with masks, fewer actors, more technology instead of people on set, food precautions, no kissing, temperature taking regularly and, and so on. It will be a huge challenge where we will have to reinvent many things. Everything will be affected and it will push us to be even more creative. Our Lifestyle has changed. I myself always loved to be fit & eat healthy and work with alternative therapists all the time. Never ever has it been more important than now to know how to have a strong immune system. I think we learned a lot these past few months and have to go on being informed. We have to be health practitioners, health gurus, and reporters all at once. Good hygiene, good vibes, taking care of yourself physically and emotionally, having the correct information about all, is vital now.

MODE: How do you manage to keep your creative plans going when you are on lockdown like everyone else?

Athina: From a young age martial arts taught me about discipline. It is so important for our children to teach them exercise, music and other activities. I start the day exercising now at home, I show some of my techniques in my Instagram account. Then I cook some healthy food to have the nutrients I want…and do many of the things I like which you can read in my blog . I also enjoy my two Chihuahuas Roma & Juliette.

MODE: You have started using Instagram Live as a way to keep in contact with your fans. As someone who is very social and used to mingling with people in real life, what have you experienced as the benefits and drawbacks of using the social media platform?

Athina: Instagram Live has been a great tool for feeling connected with friends and fans. It brought us together and makes communicating so direct. I have done several and really love it, but of course I miss hugging my friends. I have been doing more castings now than ever due to the changes, and castings are made now at home with a phone and posted. We actors are used to staying home to study our lines. Also my philanthropic work for The Miami Symphony is now through Zoom & conference calls.


Athina Klioumi - Taking on New Roles in Acting - TV - Fashion - MODE Page 34-35
Athina Klioumi – Taking on New Roles in Acting – TV – Fashion – MODE Page 34-35

MODE: We note that MISO has unfortunately had to cancel many of its programs because of the lockdown due to the coronavirus. How has this impacted the work you and your team are doing to promote the orchestra and what are the plans going forward?

Athina: Yes, like all others, we had to cancel and go with the flow. We understood that many things had to be reinvented and not only in the classical world of music. Music is a powerful tool and helps people to get into a higher frequency which is so important. We have to go high, high with a new mind & become very conscious. The whole team got together with Telemundo and we created an amazing video called “The Come Back” with a beautiful uplifting message where all of the almost 90 musicians play together each in their home and my husband, the conductor Eduardo Marturet, leading them. It went viral all over the world. The message is “with love we can do anything!” We all need to work together and we need to change all the structures that no longer sustain us. The Miami Symphony has always reinvented itself and presented the most highly artistic performances. Fusions of rock, pop, fashion …there has never been a limit. We already have a beautiful way of coming back in October prepared for when the season starts. Follow @miamisymphony .

MODE: As soon as the coronavirus restrictions begin to ease we know you will be busy in your new acting role as “Athina” as well as your work with MISO. Can you tell us what other exciting plans you may have for the near future?

Athina: For now, I should say I do not know but I trust and I am positive the universe will bring us also good times. Let’s send out the highest vibration into our universe – Love, Love & Love.


Available at Amazon

Available on Amazon: Mode Lifestyle Magazine “Life, Hopes and Dreams”: Collector’s Edition


*Read more on this and other features in the “Life Hopes and Dreams Issue of Mode Lifestyle Magazine

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