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Living A Full Life Issue
Mode Lifestyle Magazine – 2020

Editor’s Letter By: Alexander Michaels
Cover Photography: Alexander Kozhin
Cover Wardrobe Designer: Ziad Nakad
Design: MODE Studio

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The most precious thing we have is the time we have. Our goal should always be to live a full life, meaning that we live an authentic and happy life, as close to our true nature and equilibrium as possible. There are many ways of doing this including choosing a job that is as close as possible to our passions in life, while still enabling us to be able to pay the bills. It could be in re-evaluating your relationships to ensure that people you allow into your life are supportive and true friends, and at the same time looking inwards to ensure you bring positive energy to others too. It could be freeing yourself from fears and anxieties about what people think and becoming and living your life the way you really want.

Living A Full Life Issue - Haute Couture - Designer: Ziad Nakad Cover-2 - Mode Lifestyle Magazine 2020
Living A Full Life Issue – Haute Couture – Designer: Ziad Nakad Cover-2 – Mode Lifestyle Magazine 2020
Alexander Wang
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In this edition’s feature story, “An African Adventure”, we take you on a most interesting safari. Many people dream of escaping the life of the city for a while and going to something closer to nature, like an African Safari, for example. This reconnection to nature can open up your eyes to the true beauties of the world we live in and hopefully recenter you so that you can begin to appreciate, once again, what is truly important in your life.

Editor's-Letter-MODE-Living-A-Full-Life-2020- Edition - Page
Editor's-Letter-MODE-Living-A-Full-Life-2020- Edition – Page


We interview Plastic Martyr, a transgender model, music artist, and activist, who is living her full life under her own terms. We interview Santana Rodriguez who shows that if you are willing to push through challenges, life can reward you in ways sometimes unexpected, and lend you the opportunity to give back to society. And of course we have our usual sections including our fashion sections; we cover the Spring/Summer 2020 Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week with an intimate behind the scenes capture of the fashion shows.

Remember to live your life well and full and, as always, feel free to contact us with your feedback or just to say hello.


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Alexander Wang

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