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Carissa Rosario, International Fashion Model and Entrepreneur, is in "Mode's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women - 2016" - Interview!

Carissa Rosario

An internationally
successful fashion model
with business brains!

Editor: Dominique Beaumont
Photographer: Arthur St. John
Hair & Makeup: Christina Ribiero
Design: MODE Studio


Carissa Rosario is No. “25”

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Carissa Rosario, International Fashion Model and Entrepreneur, is in "Mode's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women - 2016" - Interview!
Carissa Rosario, International Fashion Model and Entrepreneur, is in “Mode’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women – 2016” – Interview!


Carissa Rosario, an international fashion model, spokes model for brands including Monster Energy Drink, and very successful entrepreneur, is in the Top-25 of “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016” at #25. This entry marks the second time Carissa has made the MODE’s Most Beautiful list. As well as having won 5 beauty pageants, in 2015 Carissa was ranked on Google as the #1 most searched professional Maxim model in the world.

Carissa was born in Massachusetts and is of Latin and Greek ancestry. She successfully completed and obtained her degree from FSU in Nutrition and Exercise Science at the same time as she was pursuing her modeling career.

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MODE: You are often seen on the red carpet and fashion events. What are your personal fashion rules?
Carissa: My fashion sense is an eclectic part of myself. It’s interwoven in all aspects of my life and whether I am hanging out with my friends, doing a charity event or a red carpet, it is really about feeling good about yourself. It is about having that positive self-confidence that emerges in whatever I am wearing. I really feel like if you are comfortable and confident you can wear anything.


MODE: What are your normal daily beauty routines before getting ready for work?
Carissa: After waking up, usually around 7 am, I wash my face with a pure and natural soap by Kiss My Face in Lavender. Then I follow up with a hydrating rose water by Heritage. I moisturize with Kiss My Face Pure and Ultra Hydrating cream. For under my eyes I use their eye cream. I finish it off with an SPF 50 also by Kiss My Face. This daily routine keeps me looking fresh, instantly awake, and gives me skin a nice warm glow.

“Find something that you
enjoy and really work hard
at mastering it”

MODE: We’ve heard that you are quite intense and focused when it comes to exercising to stay in shape. Is this really true?
Carissa: I work my butt off to stay in shape. I workout with my trainer about 5 days a week and do various workout routines with about 30-60 min of cardio. I believe that staying in shape is 80 percent diet so if you eat healthy and include some type of daily workout routine you will not only feel great, but you will look great too.


MODE: Tell us a little about how you eat and your favorite cheat meals?
Carissa: I follow a strict diet; my degree is in Nutrition and
Exercise Physiology so I have always tried to stay consistent with how I eat. If I had to chose one cheat meal I would chose a large extra cheese Pizza and I would eat the whole thing, lol.


MODE: Where is your favorite place to visit for a vacation?
Carissa: My favorite place that I have vacationed would have to be Maldives. The island is so beautiful. Everything there is so fresh, the quality of food is amazing, and the quiet beautiful beaches are heaven.


MODE: Our readers are always looking for tips on how to improve their lives. If you had to give some word of wisdom to MODE readers for success, happiness and following their dreams, what would you say?
Carissa: I would tell any MODE reader to follow their passion, whatever that may be. Find something that they enjoy and really work hard at mastering it. Hard work and Dedication cannot be denied. There is an old saying my dad used to tell me, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”. With that I believe comes happiness. Life is too short to be anything less than HAPPY!


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