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International Model Méghane De Croock - In MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016 List

Méghane De Croock

A world citizen with family
from Belgium, born in Italy,
and raised in Switzerland!

Editor: Dominique Beaumont
Photography: Alex Alberti
Makeup Artist: Bruno Oliveira
Stylist: Bali Lawal
Wardrobe: Lepa Couture, Antonio Oliver,
Cristian & Co, Anna Rock Milano, Luigi Gaglione
Design: MODE Studio


Méghane De Croock is at No. “45”

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Méghane De Croock - MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016 List
Méghane De Croock – MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016 List


Méghane De Croock was first introduced to modeling at the age of 15 when she was scouted by an agent from Elite Models in downtown Toronto when she visited Canada. At that time, she still lived in Europe so Elite got in touch with an agency in Milan so that she could start modelling from there when she got back. Méghane’s family are originally from Belgium but she was born in Italy and raised in Switzerland so she considers herself a world citizen.

She is very much in demand and is currently represented by Elite Toronto, Pop Models Milan, and Metro Zurich. Although she considers herself as generally shy, Méghane comes into her own once in front of the camera.

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MODE: How do you keep your balance between looking good and fashionable versus getting on with other aspects of your life?
Méghane: I think that we have to separate the two things because on the one hand we have Méghane at work with makeup and fashionable clothes decided by clients and made for promotional aims. On the other hand, we have the person, who has a family and inside feelings which are not salable.

MODE: What are your basic daily beauty routines?
Méghane: A very simple basic foundation, mascara and eyebrows mascara.

MODE: Do you find that you have to exercise regularly to stay in shape or do you easily stay in shape without much effort?
Méghane: Yes absolutely. It’s important to exercise almost every day. For example, every morning I do yoga and stretching to get my day started.

MODE: Do you have to follow a strict diet or are you more relaxed in how you eat? If you have to have a cheat meal what would it be?
Méghane: I don’t have a strict diet but I mostly eat salad with many important and fundamental ingredients. Maybe in the weekend I eat something more because I actually love all types of food.

MODE: What is your favorite place to visit for a vacation?
Méghane: My favorite place to visit is Cinque Terre in Italy. It’s such an amazing place.

MODE: What plans do you have for your career for 2017 and beyond?
Méghane: I want to travel, so I want to get by book ready to visit other cities such as Paris, London or New York.

MODE: If you had to give some words of wisdom to MODE readers for success, happiness and following their dreams what would you say?
Méghane: I would say, if you really want something, go and get it. Like in everything if you give the best out of yourself something has to come back, that will be success. Maybe not immediately, but with patience and faith you can reach the goal!


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