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Moon Ga Kyung - World's 100 Most Beautiful 2016 (2020 Collector's Edition) - Feature

Moon Ga Kyung

In an often  crowded
industry, one artist is
beginning to stand out!

Editor: Dominique Beaumont
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Moon Ga Kyung is No. “10”

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K-Pop Star Moon Ga Kyung is #10 in MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016
K-Pop Star Moon Ga Kyung is #10 in MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016


Moon Ga Kyung, the lead singer of Korean Pop group “PPL” (Perfect Performance Ladies) and a rapidly rising star, rounds up the Top-10 list in “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016” at #10. Those that are in the know are fully aware that Korean Pop music has a fervent international following in the many millions and growing. There are many performers and celebrities within the industry, however, Moon stood out as a K-Pop performer, together with her group, very likely to garner greater following in the international scene. Their recent single, the very catchy “Watch Me”, is certainly popular with MODE readers and Moon now has her picture hanging in many teenagers’ (and many that have passed the teenage years) bedroom walls as their new idol.

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MODE: How does it feel to know that you have such a growing and ardent following from all over the world?
Moon: It feels great and I’m still often surprised when we get fan mail from places that I didn’t even know were so much into K-Pop. I love our fans from everywhere.

MODE: How do you normally start your day?
Moon: I start with one facial pack each day to supplement the skin moisture. I maintain the body with constant dance practice and singing, and I like to finish always with nice stretching and some massage.

MODE: Like most of the entertainment industry, maintaining a good presentation is an important element of the whole package. So what are your basic daily beauty routines?
Moon: I often take supplements like Omega 3 and CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) to stimulate the blood circulation. I like to knead or tap massage my lower body, and I also enjoy walking, especially going out for a stroll with my dog.

“I try to feel
happiness basically
with everything”

MODE: Apart from your live performances do you follow any other regular formal fitness regimen?
Moon: I do not go to the gym or anything special, but I do two-three days of vocal & dancing, so basically I take the aerobic exercise.

MODE: How do you resist the temptation of eating junk food when you are so busy with performing?
Moon: I guess that that I value my work as important and since it requires being fit, I have to ensure that I stay in a controlled diet. For example, instead of meat, I might eat tofu or eat a lot of vegetables to keep the body fit. But for me the hardest food to resist is beer and chicken.

MODE: What is your favorite place to visit for a vacation?
Moon: Because of my work schedule I have not had the chance to properly stay at a resort. I do want to go on a trip. If I could take a break I want to visit Disneyland.

MODE: What exciting changes do you expect in your career in the near future?
Moon: So far, I have been working mostly in Asia. Our group, PPL, has been active and doing well all over Asia, however, we’d like to grow more globally and tour all over the world. I am also preparing a new album for it with my group mates.

MODE: The entertainment industry is known for having its unique set of challenges. What have you learnt about success and happiness that you can share with us?
Moon: One way to avoid being so afraid of the barriers that can cause failure is to break down your challenges into smaller more manageable goals. By maintaining a positive outlook you can overcome the obstacles more easily, and you begin to feel more powerful as you achieve each step of success. I am also happy with whatever results are out there; I try to feel happiness basically with everything, and I make sure to add in my progress some of my favorite things to do. When you get used to it, you are naturally happier.


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