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Beatriz Fortunato - Brazilian Model is #3 in "MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016".

Beatriz Fortunato
Living the life of her dreams,
from Brazil to Europe!

Editor: Désirée Molyneux
Photographer: John Honk
Makeup Artist: Stéphane Gagnard
Stylist: Denis Durand
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A conversation with Brazilian Model
Beatriz Fortunato

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COVER - #3 Beatriz Fortunato - MODE’S WORLD’S 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 2016. Photo by John HonkCover Editorial: Beatriz Fortunato – #3 in “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016”.


Beatriz Fortunato, the international fashion model from Brazil, is at #3 in “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016” list. Beatriz has been in modeling from age 9 but really gained international exposure when she won the Top CUFA contest ahead of 20,000 candidates from all over Brazil. As a resident of the Jacarézinho community in Rio de Janeiro, it was difficult for her to break through the very segmented modeling industry in Brazil, however, once the opportunity came she grabbed it and mow models all over Europe. Beatriz also appeared on the cover of MODE in 2016 and was the elusive fantasy girl that a boyfriend was trying to get back in the dance favorite record  ‘Ma beauté’ by Master Gims. We interview Beatriz to find out more about her life journey, fashion ideas, and dreams for the future.

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Beatriz Fortunato - Brazilian Model is #3 in "MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016". Beatriz Fortunato – Brazilian Model is #3 in “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016”


MODE: How do you keep your balance between looking good and fashionable versus getting on with other aspects of your life?

Beatriz: Well, I am very simple and I like the word “comfortable”. Since I started working as a model (I was 13 and I am now 24), at least at the beginning, I didn’t have this idea of living any sort of fashionable life. With time, however, I began to realize that it was important to keep a balance. Being the way that I am and how I think, I knew that I would not have to really follow any current fashion fads. I really like to mix what people were using 30 years ago with some nice clothes of today, for example.


MODE: What are your basic daily beauty routines?

Beatriz: Make-up is something that I try to use as little as possible. My mom always told me that too much make-up was really not good for the skin and I followed that advice for sure. So, for the face: Moisturizing cream! When going to a photo shoot I wear no makeup because the people at the shoot know what look they want and I trust them to do a nice job with my face.


MODE: Do you find that you have to exercise regularly to stay in shape or do you easily stay in shape without much effort?

Beatriz: I have to tell you that I am a bit lazy when I shouldn’t be. My job requires that I stay in a good shape but I don’t really follow all the rules. I like to do gardening, to walk on the beach. I did MMA training a year a go and that was really excellent.

When I was in Rio, I was non-stop with exercising because at that time I was preparing myself for the Top CUFA contest and I had many fashion shows so I had to be thinner than what I was! But now I prefer not to over do it and I like being really healthy and having a normal and beautiful shape. Before I was really thin and when I came to France, my agency here they didn’t really like that. So, I had to become less muscular and more natural and not too thin. I don’t need to do a lot but I try to pay attention to what I eat. Exercise is always good for our health and I try to do some at least once or more per week when I go walking or at home, using my Xbox to play-exercise.


MODE: Do you have to follow a strict diet or are you more relaxed about how you eat? If you have to have a cheat meal what would it be?

Beatriz: I love to eat. My husband in the beginning couldn’t understand how I could be eating and not really getting bigger. In Brazil I always ate a lot but it was good food. No fast food, no soda. But I’m not living in Brazil anymore and I have to adapt my life with the way people eat here. Now, I go less crazy (laughing). I am not 13 anymore! But, I don’t like and I don’t follow any diet. I try to eat good things and sometimes, I go for a great pizza. Why not?
Hmmm… chicken wings! I love that. Even just doing this interview is getting me hungry!


MODE: What is your favorite place to visit for a vacation?

Beatriz: I love to go to places where you can be “connected” with nature! Beautiful sunny days! I went to Corsica (France) and I love this place. It is my first place to visit. The best place to visit with family would be Rio, but not the center. Places like Paraty, Trindade, are such a beautiful places to visit!

“Be simple wherever you
are. Don’t try to be better
than the others but try to
be the best of yourself”

 What plans do you have for your career for 2017 and beyond?

Beatriz: I am expecting a baby girl and she will be our gift in 2017! I have decided to stay at home until she is around 8 months and then I will be able to go back to work. I really want to enjoy her!


MODE: If you had to give some words of wisdom to MODE readers for success, happiness and following their dreams what would you say?

Beatriz: I was raised in the favela. A very simple place that people still think isn’t good to raise a kid, to live, or to visit. But it is not the place that makes us. I had to show how good and professional I was to many people when they would ask where I came from!

We have to have wisdom to hear, to evaluate and validate each of our movements, thoughts. And the more I get older, the more I understand what my mom told me to keep firmly in my mind and my heart for my whole life: humility! Be simple wherever you are. Don’t try to be better than the others but try to be the best of yourself!


MODE: How has your life changed since winning the Top CUFA contest? How does it feel to be seen as a celebrity now?

Beatriz: The Top CUFA changed my life in so many ways; some promises happened and others did not. But I have to say that my community, Jacarezinho, were so happy when I won because it was important for them that the world would understand that good things could be raised in those places.

I went to Europe one year after and my personal and professional life changed, and changed a lot! Well, I can say that a lot of good things happened after the contest but not all directly because of the contest. I am a dreamer and good worker and I am trying always to show how good I am without putting others down, so in a way the contest encouraged me to be more of who I am; the way I was brought up to be.


Beatriz Fortunato - Brazilian Model is #3 in "MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016". Beatriz Fortunato – Brazilian Model is #3 in “MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016”


MODE: What do you enjoy the most about modeling and what do you find the most challenging?

Beatriz: For me being a model is also being an actress because I have to act and I can be totally different in my job. That is something that I love. Well, we have so many good professional models nowadays, so many choices, but I think there is space and potential for everyone. Depends on your focus and if you want to be a top number one model or simply do your job and have a good income. You can do that without stressing life so much that many times you do not even have the time to enjoy because everybody is on you wherever you go. I love my privacy. The challenging thing for me I think is to show how professional you are in front of a client for example, knowing that you are not the only option for the job. There are many choices in this industry.


MODE: If you could go back and change one thing in your life what would it be?

Beatriz: This one question is very easy for me to answer: I would love to enjoy more all the moments that I had with my mother! That’s why now I really have more than ever something inside my mind, “enjoy time with those you love because we don’t know how it will be the tomorrow!”


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