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Editor''s COMMENT: Nolan Twins - Like A Speeding Train- Mode-Oct 2015

Grab Unto Your Hats and Little Ones: The Nolan Twins Speeding Train Is On Its Way!

Editor’s COMMENT By Alexander Michaels 

Photographer: Terry Check (
Additional Image Editing: MODE Studio
Fashion Designer: Miss Bikini Luxe, Milan, Italy,
Fashion Stylists: Julia and Liz Nolan, Miami
Makeup and Hair Artist: Serendipity, Miami
Shot on Location for MODE: South Pointe Beach, Miami Beach


The twins, Liz and Julia Nolan, first caught the attention of the public when they joined the cast of CBS’ Big Brother 17 and since then their popularity has steadily grown as well as their fan base. The question is now how they can translate this new fame into a long-term career perhaps in fashion, acting or the general celebrity circuit.


Alexander Wang
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Editor''s COMMENT: Nolan Twins - Like A Speeding Train- Mode-Oct 2015-Page-Spreads-148-149 Editor”s COMMENT: Nolan Twins – Like A Speeding Train- Mode-Oct 2015-Page-Spreads-148-149

Pink Flowers and Orange Bikinis: Miss Bikini Luxe

Hats: Merrell Hilo
Jewelry: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell


The twins have the unique advantage that many identical twins have in that they have a direct DNA-assisted line of communication between each other that is probably as close as you are going to get in the natural world. And with this understanding, as business partners they can become a force to be reckoned with.

Mode Lifestyle Magazine’s photographer, artist and world traveler, Terry Check, noted this special bond between the sisters during their recent editorial shoot for MODE. Their bubbly and magnetic personalities and the way they seem to do so much together has endeared them to their fans. They are best friends. I guess part of the attraction is that most people want to also have that best friend that understands them completely. We need that best friend that can understand what we are going through and what we mean just by looking at us without a word being said. We need that best friend we can turn to when we believe the world has been cruel and unfair to us for some reason or other. People need that supportive best friend that will be there when the boyfriend or girlfriend that was “everything” suddenly turns out to be nothing. We need that best friend that we can give our most expensive jewelry or latest iPhone version XX-Infinity to hold for a minute while we take a dip in the pool, without fearing that they would make a dash straight to the pawn shop with our cherished belongings when we resurface from the water.

Basically, we all need that best friend that has our back, and that, I believe, is what Liz and Julia represent to so many people. They are also attractive women by any measure, as can quite clearly be seen in their “Double Trouble” editorial in this issue of Mode Lifestyle Magazine. And that is why I predict a very bright future for this lively duo, if they can manage to maintain and grow their momentum and avoid the pitfalls that are always there waiting to trip up the naive and unwary. So keep an eye out for the Nolan Twins speeding train. They are about to drive right past your platform and it does not look like they will be stopping any time soon!


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Alexander Wang
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