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Double Trouble - Nolan Twins have fun in the Sun with MODE - Oct-2015

The Nolan twins make a splash on CBS’
Big Brother 17 and get unplugged for a little fun in the sun with MODE

Editor: Désirée Molyneux
Photographer/Story: Terry Check (www.terrycheck.com)
Additional Image Editing: MODE Studio
Models: Julia and Liz Nolan, Deco Models,Miami
Fashion Designer: Miss Bikini Luxe, Milan, Italy,
Fashion Stylists: Liz & Julia Nolan, Miami
Makeup and Hair Artist: Serendipity, Miami
Shot on Location for MODE: South Pointe Beach, Miami Beach

Double Trouble - Nolan Twins have fun in the Sun with MODE - Oct-2015 Double Trouble – Nolan Twins have fun in the Sun with MODE – Oct-2015

Black Print Trikini and Bikini: Miss Bikini Luxe
Necklace: Julia Collection
Earnings: Forever 21


Twenty three years ago, there was one and then there were two, identical twins, born and raised in Miami; both scored the same on the SAT tests, both graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans and both are pursuing careers in marketing along with modeling often as a tall, blonde and gorgeous twosome. While growing up, they could easily switch, Liz would become Julia and Julia would become Liz, creating interesting situations with school classes, boyfriends and Miami’s nightlife circuit. Liz and Julia are “connected at the hip” doing everything together.

Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P2 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P2

Orange and White Print Bikinis: Miss Bikini Luxe
Jewelry: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell


Having overcome Leukemia at an early age, Julia, a feisty “tom boy”, loves surfing, soccer and rock climbing, and mentions with a smile, “Liz dates for love and I date for fun. I am single and love to mingle.” Her career is coming on strong, and she is “not looking to settle down anytime soon.” Being a true romantic wearing her heart on her sleeve, Liz with her sultry looks and raspy voice, is looking for mind-blowing true love and may have found it on Big Brother.


Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P3 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P3

Pink Flowers and Orange Bikinis: Miss Bikini Luxe
Hats: Merrell Hilo
Jewelry: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden, Jeffrey Campbell

In March, 2015 the Nolan twins attended an open casting call in Miami which lead to several interviews and eventually both twins landed houseguest roles in Big Brother 17. The other houseguests were unaware of both twins so the producers decided to introduce Liz in the first episode and then switch Julia as Liz, and vice versa 14 times, calling it the “Twin Twist”. Eventually, Julia was introduced as another houseguest contestant.

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Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P4 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P4

Fantasy Print and Black Flowers Bikinis: Miss Bikini Luxe
Jewelry: Adriana Boutique
Shoes: MIA

Big Brother 17 continued for 100 days of 24/7 television surveillance of the houseguests living together, competing with each other while trying to avoid eviction. After competing together for 85 days, it was time for one of the twins to be evicted, and Julia decided to leave the show opening the door for Liz to make it all the way to 100 days only to be evicted and declared the runner-up to Steve Moses.


Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P5 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P5

Denim Studded Bikini: Miss Bikini Luxe
Jewelry: Adriana Boutique

Black Print Bikini: Miss Bikini Luxe
Jewelry: Adriana Boutique
Shoes: MIA

Liz didn’t win the first place half million dollars, but a second place fifty thousand dollars can go a long way for the twins. What’s next? Liz paused for a moment and said, “Julia and I will move to Los Angeles, we’re so funny together. Maybe we’ll audition for The Amazing Race after I learn how to drive a stick shift.” With fellow contestant, Austin Matelson in Los Angeles, maybe Liz will really find true love.


Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P6 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P6


Fantasy Bikinis: Miss Bikini Luxe
Jewelry: H&M

While in Miami Beach, Mode Lifestyle Magazine caught up with the twins for a sunrise photo shoot by Terry Check. The twins modeled the latest swimwear designed by Italian sisters Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini of Miss Bikini Luxe. Stay tuned for the Nolan twins as they move to Los Angeles and make their way in acting, singing or doing comedy together. Check out the photos and keep in touch on Twitter with Liz (@_LizNolan) and Julia (@JuliaNolan_).




Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P7 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P7

Fantasy Bikini and Skirt:  Miss Bikini Luxe

Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P8 Nolan-Twins-Mode-Oct-2015-Page-Spreads-62-77-P8


Yellow Flowers and Print Bikinis:  Miss Bikini Luxe


Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini
-the Miss Bikini Luxe brand-

During the past 25 years under the leadership of fashion designers and sisters, Alessandra and Francesca Piacentini, the Miss Bikini Luxe brand has flourished from its modest beginning in Milan – Italy into a European swimwear titan currently expanding its reach to the USA using Miami as the gateway. Anticipating trends and creating new fashion styles, Miss Bikini Luxe provides the ultimate in beachwear glamour with hand-made embroideries of Swarovski crystals, shells and paillettes infused on a multitude of colored and print fabrics and styles to suit every beach loving woman. The beachwear with jewelry accessories and cover-ups has become “beach couture” suitable for poolside cocktail parties or sunset dining in town. Miss Bikini Luxe recently presented the collection at the Moscow Fashion Week –


For more information send request to: info@ModeLifestyleMagazine.com


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