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91LAB Combines Modern Styling and Nostalgic Sophistication in Its Knitwear Collection

Editor: Jianna Ferrari
Story: Grace Mi
Designer: 91LAB

Wrapped in the warmth of Kiev’s heritage, @ 91lab_official  crafts a story in every stitch, spinning a tale of contemporary luxury through their unique knitwear. With each thread meticulously woven, their collections evoke a timeless elegance, redefining knitwear with a modern twist. The brand’s mastery of knit patterns and textures whispers a promise of comfort and refined style where every garment is a piece of wearable couture. From the heart of Ukraine to the glamor of Paris, 91LAB’s knitwear is a canvas of sophistication, ready to grace the avenues of fashion with quiet confidence.

91LAB - Mode Magazine Lifestyle Magazine - Page 50
91LAB – Mode Magazine Lifestyle Magazine – Page 50
Alexander Wang
Jimmy Choo - US


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Emerging womenswear knitwear brand ,91LAB, is Ukraine-based and was founded in 2018 by RITO, a company with over than 30 years of knitwear experience. Each collection includes unique jacquards, sophisticated knitwear designs in feminine silhouettes, and are hand-made pieces. Head over to AngelForFashion.com to view their latest collections.

Alexander Wang
Jimmy Choo - US

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