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Victoria Henley - Going Strong


Going Strong and Fashionable after
By: Jianna Ferrari
Photographer: Omni Photography
Model: Victoria Henley
Hair/Makeup: Andrea Joe Cicalese
Creative Director: Lynn B. Henley
Wardrobe: Atelier Alcaniz
Image Processing: MODE Studio
Design: MODE Studio


Victoria has built a fashion business and career after her debut in the popular TV show “America’s Next Top Model”. She has a unique style that reflects her sensitive yet strong and adventurous personality.



Victoria Henley - Going Strong and Fashionable - MODE Victoria Henley – Going Strong and Fashionable – MODE

Pewter and Rhinestone vintage inspired
earrings: Lisa B. Collection
Leopard Top with black leopard
peplum and black leatherskirt:
Atelier Alcaniz
Black and Cork Wedges:
American Eagle


Alexander Wang
Elvis & Kresse


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Victoria Henley - Going Strong and Fashionable After America's Next Top Model Victoria Henley – Going Strong and Fashionable After America’s Next Top Model


For More on Victoria Henley read the “Hollywood Icons” issue of Mode Lifestyle Magazine

Alexander Wang

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