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Ana Mijatovic – Extreme Passion for Styling


I was born on the Hungarian – Yugoslavian border and got my fashion sense from my mother and my business sense from my father who runs his own successful company, HemoTehna. My mother traveled around the world on business and always brought back for my twin sister and I amazing dresses so that we always had the latest fashion every season. You could say that we stood out a little because of that but it was fun. What was even more fun was later traveling to Italy every season and being amazed by the fashion there. Those were the happiest days of my life!

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Ana Mijatovic- Extreme Passion for Styline - Spotlight - MODE Creatives. Mode-Oct 2015 Page-150 Ana Mijatovic- Extreme Passion for Styline – Spotlight – MODE Creatives. Mode-Oct 2015 Page-150



As teenagers, my sister and I would go to Greece every summer to work so we could have extra money for new fashion outfits. And just as regularly, after summer we would go to Italy and spend it all on new collections for the up coming season. I moved to Florida when I was 21 because of the war in my country and attended Valencia Community College on an international business major, however I had fallen in love and got married during my last year. That was when I opened my first business, a recruiting and staffing company, followed by other businesses. Divorce reared its ugly head and through that I lost everything I had created. The only thing that kept me going around that very difficult period in my life was my passion for fashion.

While living in Florida I met a successful businessman who was also a very accomplished professional photographer, and he recognized my obsession with fashion. He said he was always amazed by my choice of outfits and because of this he offered me the opportunity to style and direct one of his shoots when his stylist was ill and could not work. Soon after that I met Alexander Michaels, President of Mode Lifestyle Magazine, while working on an editorial and the rest, as they say, is history. Fashion always gave me wings and a reason to fly and dream. They say that when you find something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning to work you know you need to stick with it. That is what fashion is for me; my best friend – my creative me. I am not always able to express myself as I want with words but through fashion it is an easy thing. I love every aspect of being in the fashion world and for me there is no finish line because styling is my art, my coloring book.


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Alexander Wang

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