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My Virtual Life During a Pandemic

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Before Covid-19 proved to be neither hoax, nor flu, Lesley Abravanel was happily writing mostly about Miami restaurant openings and closings and celebrity activity, titillating or otherwise, for various publications including Miami Herald, Daily Mail, Haute Living and Miami.com. Currently Abravanel is juggling virtual schooling for her pre-tween twins and fighting fascism by Twitter trolling Donald Trump and, as she refers to them, the ghoulish gang of GOP eunuch sycophants that comprise the Turd Reich regime. “No sleep til Biden/Harris,” Abravanel says and prays.

Lesley Abravanel - "My Virtual Life During A Pandemic" - MODE's Virtual Living, Work & Fashion Issue 2020
Lesley Abravanel – “My Virtual Life During A Pandemic” – MODE’s Virtual Living, Work & Fashion Issue 2020

So what has changed for Lesley in life and work because of Covid-19?

What hasn’t? My job was rendered null and void as newspapers, already in trouble prior, had no need for news about restaurants or celebrities because, well, there were no restaurants and, well, celebs became just like us–quarantined with no place to go, no work to do. Personal life-wise, with a husband working from home now, homebound pre-tween twins who were supposed to go to sleepaway camp for the first time last summer, well, what personal life besides breaking up fights between siblings, feedings, cleanings and assorted Disney Plus binges? The time together has been both a blessing and, let’s just call it a blessing and call it a pandemic, K?

In between manic Swiffering, whiplash-inducing head shaking at the “Breaking News” every three seconds and some much needed sips of wine, Abravanel has been navigating the Florida state Unemployment website like a student driver and with the frustration of someone driving behind said student driver, binge watching Below Deck, those real petty “housewives” of various Democrat-run cities, and copious amounts of MSNBC. She longs for the days when the Constitution meant something and when Kardashians were the biggest bane of her professional existence.



About Lesley Abravanal:

Miami Herald

Lesley, you certainly have a way with words–Bette Midler

I want Lesley Abravanel to live tweet every tv show, movie, dinner party & event for rest of my life.You make me laugh out loud–Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods

Savvy gadfly Lesley Abravanel now runs a blog as well as a column “Scene in the Tropics”. It’s connected, ironic and great fun–The New York Post

The savvy and tasteful tweeter injects some much-needed realism into a Magic City that often seems unreal.—Miami New Times: The Ten Best Miami Twitter Feeds


(Available on Amazon: Virtual Living, Work & Fashion Issue: Collector’s Edition)



Available at Amazon



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