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Rozalia Tinkova - Fashion Jewelry Meets Spiritual Awakening

Rozalia Tinkova

Fashion Jewelry Meets
Spiritual Awakening

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What do you do if your whole life was based on the fashion industry but somehow you knew that your life journey was still missing a certain dimension? Well if you are Rozalia Tinkova, you make a faithful decision one day to stop everything and delve into a long spiritual journey that eventually would lead you to a true discovery of who you are and how your path interacts with others in this world.


Rozalia Tinkova - Fashion Jewelry Meets Spiritual Awakening
Rozalia Tinkova – Fashion Jewelry Meets Spiritual Awakening


Rozalia is the owner of spiritually themed and oh so very fashionable high-end jewelry company, Rozaliya Jewelry, and runs a spiritual retreat for those who, like herself, seek to find a deeper meaning to life and a balanced relationship with the universe. But before this, Rozalia was a university degree graduate in Business and Management from Bulgaria and had managed a successful model agency, “Xground Models”, for about 13 years. In 2003 she left Bulgaria for Germany and a new beginning, but that was only the start of a tectonic change in her life. A travel to the island of Bali in 2006 was the final act that led to a point of no return and the rebirth of Rozalia as the new and more enlightened woman she always knew was her destiny.

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MODE: How difficult was it to leave the business life and your fashion agency in 2003 after you got married in Germany.
Rozalia: I never think if something is difficult or easy, the most important thing is to follow one’s heart and intuition. I was tired of the colorful and stressful fashion business, and my intention was to take a year-long break and resume. But the moment I was truly by myself and had time to calm my mind, I discovered a different Rozalia who yearned for spiritual growth and to enter a new and unknown realm; to search for what we call happiness, but I understood as and named inner peace. It was not easy but it was exciting to see myself from another perspective.


Rozalia Tinkova - Fashion Jewelry Meets Spiritual Awakening
Rozalia Tinkova – Fashion Jewelry Meets Spiritual Awakening


MODE: What is the difference between those early days when you organized hundreds of fashion competitions and events compared to what you are doing now – working in the jewelry industry?
Rozalia: Actually I would not say that I am in the jewelry industry only. There is something magical in what I do. The difference is that it is an enlightened business when you do something to help humanity and connect to higher energy. At this moment my feeling that I am on a mission is very powerful, and I know that in the process of manufacture of each piece of jewelry with holistic qualities and the wisdom of crystals and symbolism, they are magical. At this moment times are not easy and transformation has already begun. Crystal therapy is an amazing method to stabilize human energy. I may have many obstacles in my path but I feel the big support of the Universe and I am encouraged by positive effects and miraculous results.

There is no difference between the spiritual and fashion worlds. You still have difficult moments and many obstacles, but now I have the Wisdom and the serenity so that it no longer matters at all what may come ahead.

MODE: What led you to move towards the study of holistic medicine? Where you basically trying to find yourself?
Rozalia: That is not an easy question to answer. There just came a moment when I decided to take the path to the unknown. It was a time when I lived in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and had financial comfort and high status. I was among many successful and prosperous people who, by all standards, should be happy because they have all that they dream for, but who mostly were unfulfilled and unsatisfied. I started searching for the meaning of life. Why do we live and die? Why do we think we are in this body? Why do we suffer? This is how I embarked on a spiritual path and I can say that at that moment my life really began. Every moment ever since has been a miraculous journey. Holistic medicine and spiritual practices are the ways that give us meaning. Meditation provides me many answers that no one has given. I study in many places but mainly in Bali, Nepal, Malaysia, and Bhutan. This is where I spend the last 10 years and had the opportunities to meet amazing teachers.

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MODE: You traveled to the Island of Bali in 2006 and essentially remained in seclusion for a prolonged period of time. What was your drive for that and how did that experience affect your outlook on life?
Rozalia: Silence and retreat is something that connects us with Life. When I started my period of silence I did not think it would last as long as it did. It was an inner call for retreat, which is still strong within me. This was the most beautiful and meaningful period of my life, when I connected with the inner teacher and cultivated the wisdom for crystals and Truth. Silence gives me understanding of the phenomena and a changed outlook. Years after that I started to lead silent retreats and help people with this special method

MODE: You have journeyed from holistic therapy to crystal therapy and now your line of Rozaliya Jewelry for enlightenment. Was it a natural progression or did you plan on creating a jewelry line from the outset?
Rozalia: During my silent period I realized the effect of crystal therapy and how people can transform and become self-aware through the method. I discovered the formula of how to use the crystal to keep the energy that it contains during the symbolism. I started almost casually to help a girlfriend who wanted a relationship and was unhappy. My first bracelet was a creation of 7 different crystals. It had a magical effect. After that I started to do and create more and to see the effect in the lives of many of my friends and costumers; so I decided to expand and add seminars and a retreat.

MODE: Each piece of jewelry from your new collection seems to tell its own story. How do you get the inspiration to create these designs?
Rozalia: The biggest inspiration I have is from the crystals or my own meditation. The crystal is a strong form of concentrated light that helps humans to connect to the Power. Otherwise, I can be inspired by anything; sometimes the energy of people around me, and sometimes the eyes of a stranger, and of course by places I see in my travels. The last thing that inspired me was the Oneness of female / male energy. This is the collection I created for USA.

MODE: Which pieces of jewelry do you get the most feedback from for your clients?
Rozalia: That would be my 9-chakra collection that was created with more than 200 types of crystals that brought transformation to many people. This jewelry would help the wearer whether they believed in it initially or not. When humans connect to the crystal world they surely feel its stability. The people are impermanent; we promise one thing but do not follow through. Let’s say we promise today not to get angry and know that by tomorrow we would most likely fail; the Crystal is our friend who can stabilize our energy and help us in that. I have also new a collection “5 elements” using the power of Elements wisdom that helps to achieve more balance.

MODE: How, in general, would you describe the sort of person who would be a Rozaliya Jewelry customer? What makes them seek out your line?
Rozalia: People that are ready to have a change in their lives and who wish to wear something special. People that seek love, happiness, and understanding. People who would like to have a normal family life or seek more peace. Those that already have a balance in their lives but are still searching for something more or just need more success. And people that have courage but sometime lose their nerve. Basically all who love life and want more!

MODE: We see that you also have a men’s collection. We would imagine that the women’s collection is a bigger slice of your market, but how is the men’s line evolving?
Rozalia: I was never too much a fan of men wearing jewelry, however it was very important to have choice also for them. Actually now we live in a time when the distinction between man and woman in fashion is disappearing and anyone can wear my collection. But I create a more conservative Man line, which can permit all to feel the magic.

MODE: What is the main difference between the jewelry that is available from your spiritual healing service and shop ( and your new line of Rozaliya Jewelry?
Rozalia: Actually there is a no difference. Prema Sagar is my spiritual name and my followers call me that. At this time I am combining the two collections and will work with Prema Sagar just for retreats and seminars, which I have been doing for 7 years.

MODE: The world can be a stressful place. With technology in every aspect of our lives everything seems to be moving faster and faster. What advice would you give MODE readers who lead a busy life but want to reduce their general stress levels?
Rozalia: The most important thing for all who would like to reduce stress in there life is to find at least 30 minutes a day for silence to connect with themselves; to ask themselves questions such as: How do they feel? Do they want to continue on the same path? Are they happy with what they doing? What is their Life? How is their Body? Where is the Truth? It is crucial to live with self-awareness and to feel the impermanence. Also, if it is possible during the day, to connect more with the people around, and to have more care and love in any action.

MODE: Where do you see yourself going with life and business in the future?
Rozalia: My dream is to continue to share meditation techniques and to lead transformative retreats for all ranges of people. This is not only for the spiritually inclined but also for businessmen and intellectuals. For me my way is to share and help people. The Jewelry is a good way to reach many around the world and that’s why I will continue the journey with jewelry for enlightenment.


*You can find our more about Rozalia’s Jewelry line at
*To learn more on her philosophy and spiritual retreats go to

*Read more in this issue of Mode Lifestyle Magazine.

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