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Melanie Marie Foster

Melanie Marie Foster
The Life of a corporate
flight attendant

By: Jianna Ferrari
Photography: Lisa Carter
Design: MODE Studio


Melanie Marie FosterMelanie Marie Foster. Photographer: Lisa Carter

Alexander Wang
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Melanie Marie Foster, a corporate flight attendant that calls Fort Lauderdale home, has risen from relatively humble beginnings to a lifestyle of multi-million dollar jets, red carpets, private catering, and fine linens; a lifestyle only seen in movies, dreams, and the upper echelons of society. Melanie began her ascent into the world of luxury as a private nanny and personal assistant to well-to-do families looking for someone who could balance being a pseudo-mother and personal assistant at the same time. This exposed Melanie to the finest restaurants, hotels, vehicles, yachts, destinations, and finally private aircraft travel.

This is a career that requires flexibility,
and that values utmost professionalism

The experience of flying on luxury private jets led Melanie to a new dream life as a corporate flight attendant after obtaining her certification. She began working for the jet-set celebrity crowd and successful business executives. This new life meant that in any given day, she could wake up in Florida, travel to California, make a detour through Vancouver, and end up in Italy before she lays her head down for the night. This is a career that requires flexibility, and that values utmost professionalism and respect for anonymity and safety of one’s clients.

Not content at staying still, Melanie has also worked as a promotional print and commercial model. She has been taking acting classes and has already been cast in two feature films. Goes to show that you can indeed create the life you want when you seize the opportunities that life brings your way.



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