Lady In Blue - Body Painting

Body Painting Is Living Art!

Only for a few hours, body painting became fine art, and then it was washed away forever
Story and Pictures By Terry Check – MODE
July/August 2016 ‘The Art of Beauty Issue’ of Mode Lifestyle Magazine



Alexander Wang


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Lady In Blue - Body Painting Lady In Blue – Body Painting


Contemporary artists from twelve countries gathered in Atlanta to create “living art” expressing the “human condition” in today’s world. Instead of painting on canvas, the thirty-six artists created their artwork on human bodies. Like painting on canvas, body painting in Australia, Africa and the Pacific islands and later throughout the world is centuries old, originating with indigenous cultures, often worn during ceremonies, using clay, berry juice, wet charcoal and other natural pigments. Often times, circus clowns and stage performers wore elaborate costumes together with face painting. Today, in a more subdued form, many women “face paint” with cosmetics in order to enhance their natural beauty.

Alexander Wang

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