Moon Ga Kyung - World's 100 Most Beautiful 2016 (2020 Collector's Edition) - Feature

Moon Ga Kyung Is On the Cover of the Multi-Cover 2020 Collector’s Edition Update of “MODE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE WORLD’S 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 2016” Edition

Editor: Dominique Beaumont
Design: MODE Studio


(Available on Amazon: 2020 Collector’s Edition)

Moon Ga Kyung Cover - 2020 Collector's Edition: MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016

Moon Ga Kyung was voted into the top ten at #10 in MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in 2016 by Mode Lifestyle Magazine readers. We’ve released the 2020 Collector’s Edition of that magazine issue and Moon is on one of the covers. She is the lead singer of Korean Pop group “PPL” (Perfect Performance Ladies) who released the very catchy single “Watch Me”. Moon is also a very accomplished model and has a big following in MODE readers worldwide.


Read the full article and interview with Moon Ga Kyung and many of the other celebrities in the 100 Most Beautiful 2016 list in the 2020 Collector’s edition available to MODE subscribers or at various outlets worldwide.

*See the Full 100 Most Beautiful List for 2016: <MODE’s 2016 Full List>

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