Donna Feldman - World's 100 Most Beautiful 2016 (2020 Collector's Edition) - Feature

Donna Feldman Is On The Cover of The Multi-Cover 2020 Collector’s Edition Update of “MODE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE WORLD’S 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 2016” Edition

Editor: Sarah Curtis
Photography: Arthur St. John
Stylist: Arthur Revant
Hair & Makeup: Maka Grey
Wardrobe: Mia & Moss
Design: MODE Studio


(Available on Amazon: 2020 Collector’s Edition)

Donna Feldman Cover - 2020 Collector's Edition: MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016

Donna Feldman was voted #5 in MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Woman in 2016 by Mode Lifestyle Magazine readers. Donna was previously voted the #1 World's Most Beautiful Woman in 2015 and she is still a reader's favorite as she remains in the top ten for 2016. For 2020 we have released a new updated Collector’s Edition of the 2016 magazine issue. You may recognize Donna from the Visa Black Card Advert where she jumped from a black helicopter into the sea to be picked up by a speedboat. Her fans also remember her from the Justin Timberlake music video “Seniorita”. She has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines and was a series regular in the TV show “Fashion House”. Donna has featured in campaigns for fashion and product labels such as Revlon, Sean John, Panasonic, Verizon Wireless, Bebe, and Diesel.


Read the full article and interview with Feldman and many of the other celebrities in the 100 Most Beautiful 2016 list in the 2020 Collector’s edition available to MODE subscribers or at various outlets worldwide.

*See the Full 100 Most Beautiful List for 2016: <MODE’s 2016 Full List>

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