Liz & Julia Nolan - World's 100 Most Beautiful 2016 (2020 Collector's Edition) - Feature

Liz & Julia Nolan Are On the Cover of the Multi-Cover 2020 Collector’s Edition Update of “MODE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE WORLD’S 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN 2016” Edition


Editor: Désirée Molyneux
Photographer: Terry Check (
Additional Image Editing: MODE Studio
Julia and Liz Nolan: Deco Models,Miami
Fashion Designer: Miss Bikini Luxe, Milan, Italy,
Fashion Stylists: Liz & Julia Nolan, Miami
Makeup and Hair Artist: Serendipity, Miami
Shot on Location for MODE: South Pointe Beach, Miami Beach


(Available on Amazon: 2020 Collector’s Edition)

Liz & Julia Nolan Cover - 2020 Collector's Edition: MODE's World's 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016
Liz & Julia Nolan Cover – 2020 Collector’s Edition: MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016
Alexander Wang


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Twin Miami native models, Liz & Julia Nolan, had been modeling for some time, when they got their major break when cast on CBS’ Big Brother 17, as the ‘Twin Twist,’ with Liz scoring runner up. They now have a regular and active fan following and have become part of the celebrity scene in Miami and LA. They are graduates in business marketing & journalism from the university of Loyola – New Orleans. They are in MODE’s World’s 100 Most Beautiful list 2016 at #37.


Read the full article and interview with Liz & Julia and many of the other celebrities in the 100 Most Beautiful 2016 list in the 2020 Collector’s edition available to MODE subscribers or at various outlets worldwide.

*See the Full 100 Most Beautiful List for 2016: <MODE’s 2016 Full List>

Available at Amazon

*Available on Amazon: Mode Lifestyle Magazine World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women 2016: 2020 Collector’s Edition – Liz & Julia Nolan Cover

Alexander Wang

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