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Vanevy Okarane - MODE Art Issue 2019 - Slide

Vanévy Okarane

Putting The Passion Back Into Jewelry Design


Editor: Jianna Ferrari
Research Assistant: Claudie Peyret
Design: Mode Studio

Vanévy Okarane, the effervescent French jewelry designer known for creating one of a kind natural stone and silver masterpieces and owner of L’Enchanteur Stone, has been honing her craft for quite some time now. Each item you look at, whether it be a necklace, earrings or bracelet, seem to reveal more intricacies in design the closer you observe it.

Designer-Creator since 1996, Vanevy Okarane is passionate. The aestheticism is not enough for her. Each masterpiece has a sense, a goal, and evolve in a manner that follows nature. Resolutely Art Nouveau style, these jewels are powerful vectors of communication. According to her, the beautiful is to be worn every day and not just objects to be stored and looked at.

Vanevy Okarane -  MODE Art Issue 2019 - Page 56
Vanevy Okarane –
MODE Art Issue 2019 – Page 56
Alexander Wang
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Each piece is unique, inlaid with stones or crystals, created with inspiration that is supported by years of experience working with natural materials. Patience is required. Labor of love is probably a more accurate description. And yet there is an easiness about them, you almost feel as if you are wearing a flower or some other living elements and forget that you are indeed wearing handcrafted jewelry. It becomes personal. “Dreaming of jewelry designs, and then forming these wisps of dreams into physical realities, that is my life, my passion,” smiles Vanévy. “The whole process, the concept of the shop, the work that goes into each creation as well as running the business, it is by no means easy. But I am fortunate that I am living my dreams. When I see the joy people have when they wear a particular necklace or bracelet of ours that they love, the joy it gives me is impossible to measure in monetary terms,” continued Vanévy.
Vanevy Okarane - MODE Art Issue 2019 - Page 57
Vanevy Okarane –
MODE Art Issue 2019 – Page 57

The workshop is located in the heart of Savoie, in the city of Aix les Bains. This city, steeped in art and history, allows its creator to draw inspiration from Art Nouveau. The turquoise blue tones make the workshop and the shop brighter and more relaxing. Aix-les-bains is located in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region in the department of Savoie. 29,800 inhabitants of Aix-en-Provence live in this seaside resort and spa town. The tourist destination town rises around the lake of Bourget and was considered as the fifth most romantic city of Europe in 2016. “Aix les Bains – Riviera of the Alpes” is the new tourist name of all territories bordering the largest natural lake in France.



Shop: L’Enchanteur Stone
2 Rue des Bains, 73100 Aix-les-Bains, France
Websites and Social Media:
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