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Athina Klioumi - Art-Issue 2019 MODE - Feature

Athina Klioumi
Model to Actress

By: Jianna Ferrari
Photography: Aníbal Mestre
Design: MODE Studio

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On this multi-cover Art Issue of Mode Lifestyle Magazine is Athina Klioumi, a lively beautiful woman with the energy of a busy bee and the elegance of a Glasswing Butterfly. As a talented performer she has enjoyed a successful career both as an actress and a model.


Athina Klioumi Cover - Art-Issue 2019 MODE
Athina Klioumi Cover – Art-Issue 2019 MODE
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Athina was born in Berlin-Germany of Greek descent and then lived five years of her childhood in Egypt. She has lived most recently in Venezuela where she is currently filming a feature film. Her husband, Eduardo Marturet, is a celebrated conductor for the Miami Symphony Orchestra, so they are frequently in the US. “Living in Egypt for 5 years from age 12 – 17 shaped me a lot. I learned how to belly dance, practice martial arts and ride horses in the dessert. I also did my first TV commercials there and my first beauty contest,” said Athina. She already spoke German and Greek but then learnt Arabic, English and French. She remembers that period as an adventurous and romantic time, reveling in having friends of many different cultures.


*Read Athina’s adventurous life story on the Art Issue of Mode Lifestyle Magazine



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